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loss of appetite

  1. Dog suddenly acting scared of food ... TICK?

    Dog Health Questions
    This happened on two occasions (within 12 days). Took him to the first time, and taking him today as soon as the vet opens. Details below: Dog: Frengle 6.5 yrs old, very loving, never scared, no issue with appetite. On January 26th, 2020 (12 days ago): Weird yelp 4 times in 1 day. for the...
  2. Loss of appetite after vet visit

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I adopted a going-on 6 year old spayed female miniature Schnauzer from a rescue group on March 17th. She's underweight for her size and had a moderate amount of fleas. She was energetic, happy, and hungry when I brought her home. She wanted all the food in the house and had a strong...
  3. how do i move my limping puppy

    Attention All New Members
    ive been taking care of my cousin's puppy for 2 months now and today he's really weak and tired. and i also found out that he hasn't had his anti-rabies shot which shocked me coz my aunt said they got that for the dog but they hadn't at all. we went to the municipal vet and they gave him...
  4. nervous diarrhea?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a ten month old Golden Retreiver that seems to have diarrhea and loss of appetite whenever there is change. examples: there was a bad thunderstorm and the basement flooded so we carried a bunch of stuff up from the basement and put it in the living room...now she has diarrhea and isn't...
  5. Lost Sense of Smell

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog seems to have lost his sense of smell which affects his eating. At times, I have to force feed him with a syringe. He won't eat dog food at all. I'm making home made food with meat and vegetables but even that he eats sparingly. He's had many tests and everything is negative. He had...