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loose leash

  1. Loose Leash Training a Westie

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I am a first time dog owner, but have had my Westie puppy for close to two years now. I was hoping some experienced people out there could share some advice on loose leash training. My current method: When the puppy starts to pull, I stand still until he looks back at me. I use my...
  2. How do you wean a dog off of a head halter?

    Dog Training Forum
    My reactive and hyper dog, Enzo, is doing really well with a head halter. He's in a training class, and does ok with just a collar and a leash, so long as I'm praising him constantly and feeding him treats. But he's very reactive with other dogs and will pull no matter what outside, unless I...
  3. Help! My puppy only walks when she wants!

    Dog Training Forum
    I need some serious help here. My 6 month old min pin/chihuahua/doxie mix only walks on her terms. Every few hours I take her downstairs to pee/poop (I live in a two story apartment) and in the morning and/or evening I try to walk her. Sometimes she is FABULOUS. she walks loose leash, happily...