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loose leash walking

  1. Lagging on Walks

    Dog Training Forum
    Sometimes Snowball is such a great on-leash walker, and then other times he is awful. He doesn't pull forward, which I suppose is good, but in new areas especially, he obsess over smells - he will repeatedly walk past me a few steps and then turn around again and stop to sniff something, or he...
  2. Loose Leash Training..

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there! I've been working with my pup on loose leash walking.. I think. ;) Basically we did a lot of leash-less training, rewarding her for staying by my side when I'm walking, and stopping when I stop, sometimes sitting. Then we did indoor silky leash training (probably my version of...
  3. A beagle and loose leash walking.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 13 year old beagle who we have suffered with having him drag us around while he is sniffing to his happiness. I am attempting to train him to be a better walking partner (and he already is), but I am wondering what to expect from a scent hound in terms of loose leash walking. See, I am...