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  1. Chinese Crested Mix? ID help!

    General Dog Forum
    I found this little girl I named Bailey on April Fools Day this year across a busy road in front of our house. Vet said she was around 7 months old then since she was still cutting teeth. She's 9 lbs right now and might get up to 10. Shes loves to run, cuddle, and climb up on furniture and...
  2. Safe for my dog to go under anesthesia for dental work with his liver problems?

    Dog Health Questions
    I took my dog to the vet last week and did some blood work. The vet told me he has a really high liver enzyme count. Its suppose to be around 103 range, and my dogs number was 1,660 ! It is also obvious that my dog has severe dental problems and that he needs to get it fixed. We scheduled his...
  3. Lymph & Liver Question

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I work part time with a vet and I have a quick query for the forum We had a girl in with an older west highland terrier last week that had fleas and a bacterial ear infection in both ears. We gave her aurizon to treat the ears and Advocate spot on drops to treat the fleas. Links to both...