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litter box training

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  1. Piddle Place
    Check out this talk show on how to help save a shelter dog, and allow your pet comfort and dignity with an indoor pet potty Best indoor pet potty Thanks to Humane Ohio for allow us to help find homes for these beautiful puppies Kathy
  2. Dog Training Forum
    HELP! I just adopted an almost-six month female chihuahua. The previous owner told me she was litter-box trained, which was a HUGE deal because I live in an apartment. At first she used her litter box regularly, and would maybe have a couple accidents per week. Now, a month and half later, she...
  3. Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I adopted a 2 year old Boston Terrier. She's a great little dog and she seems to have been trained somewhat in her previous life. The problem is... She is clearly trained to eliminate outside... She runs to the door after eating so we know she has to go. But we need to paper...
  4. Dog Training Forum
    On March 7th I'm getting a miniature australian shepherd that well probably be between 14 1/2" to 15" full grown. I was wondering if I could litter box train her or if she well be too big for that and if it's easy or not because potty training is a big issue at our house. I would like to litter...
  5. Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I have trained out Toy Manchester Terrier to be litter box trained and it has worked out very well with one minor exception. Has anyone ever heard of or experienced a dog being poppy shy? The litter box is in our computer room. If we are in the computer room, he will NOT poop in...
1-5 of 5 Results