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  1. Slight Limp, But No Obvious Pain

    Dog Health Questions
    Naima is about 11 months old now. A few days ago she was doing her favorite thing--playing with her ball and running up and down the stairs, getting her ya-ya's out--while I was making dinner. When she came into the kitchen I noticed she was limping on her front paw, and holding it up a bit. At...
  2. Limping puppy

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey guys, hope someone has experience with leg pain, thigh muscle tissue etc. I think he is a black lab mix, medium size, skinny and fast. He is a rescue and I haven't figured out his breed yet. About two weeks ago he started limping on his front leg. I felt pretty tight muscle tissue around his...
  3. Labrador Retriever limp

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a three-year-old Labrador Retriever, Grace. She is a great dog - full of life, fun, sweet, etc. I also have her mother and brother. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed a slow progression of a limp. She tends to favor the right side, and it seems to be her right front leg. She...
  4. 5 year old pit bull limps on her front leg?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 54lb 5 year old female pit bull/staffie. One evening this past september she started limping on her left front leg after playing with her dog friend in a kiddy pool. She tripped out of the pool chasing her friend so I thought she had just pulled a muscle and would be fine in the...
  5. Limping Dog

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, fairly new to this forum! One of my dogs, Kiss, a 8-year-old (could possibly be 10) pitbull, has a very slight limping on her front right leg, on and off. By "on and off" I mean that, in three-four months, I've seen this happen twice. Once, it was only for three steps, maybe less. The...
  6. Urgent help!

    Dog Health Questions
    HELP! I have a 4 month old dog. My friends sometimes play with her roughly. Today I noticed she was walking with a limp in her front leg(right). I suspect the dog got hurt in this way. Please tell me what to do? I don't have a vet clinic anywhere nearby.
  7. 14 month old spaniel female in her first heat - worrying behaviours - advice needed

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, Am new here and need a little help and maybe some reassurance. My first ever female, 14month old springer spaniel has come into heat for the 1st time and she is displaying some unusual behaviours. A few things we have noticed: 1) erratic appetite - i assume is normal 2) very strange...
  8. Pup started limping

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I was doing my daily check of my 5 month old pup today and when i touched his paw he yelped and pulled away, i checked his pads and cant see anything in them, and it seems to be the top of his paw that is hurting him. His leg is fine too, after i touched his paw he limped for a bit then...
  9. Limping Dog, Please Help!

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is limping because of his irritated testicles. They are noticeably red and pretty dry. He makes it obvious that they are bothering him but doesn't seem to be a life or death situation. He trys not to put any weight on them. He does not seem to be licking at them or anything like that...
  10. Dog Limping Because of Irritated Testicles, Please Help ASAP!

    Dog Health Questions
    My one year old dog is limping due to his irritated testicles. He will not put any weight down on them or anything and even lifts his leg in the air, so to not rest it on his testicles, when he lays down. His testicles are very dry and pretty red. Almost kind of like a rash but not really...
  11. Please Help! My dog's dew claw has grown into her foot!!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My dog is a miniature yorkshire terrier. She is seven years old and weighs four pounds. Today, she was limping as she walked. I looked at her foot and her dew claw has grown into her foot. I can tell she is in a lot of pain. Please help! I don't know what to do and I cannot stand to see her like...