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  1. Crate anxiety, but not caused by visual separation.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! TL;DR- My dog licks his kennel and cries when he is in there for longer than 3 minutes while I am in the room. Just me. If I leave, he is fine. If it is all night long, he is fine. If I'm walking around in the room, he is fine. Sometimes if I am not present and sitting next to his...
  2. Skin Allergies in Elder Dogs

    Attention All New Members
    Having quite a problem with dermatitis with my Finnish Spitz who is 13 years old. Never had an issue until he had his first anesthesia and some minor non dangerous bumps taken off and teeth cleaned . He is so uncomfortable. Salves and sprays have not helped much. He has lost much hair on his...
  3. My puppy never licks himself.

    General Dog Forum
    Hey I have a mongrel puppy who is around 3 months old and he never licks himself. I remember my labrador would lick himself frequently as though to clean but i have never seen my puppy do so. I was told the puppy was 8 weeks when i got him but the vet suspected he could be 6 weeks since then i...
  4. Licking a lot before bed and when waking up

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 1 year and 4 month old male Cockapoo that I noticed licks a lot before going to bed at night and especially when he first wakes up in the morning. He licks his paws a little but mostly he licks the bed sheets. I figured he's licking to relax himself and maybe he likes the bed sheets b/c...
  5. Do you let your dog lick dishes?

    General Dog Forum
    I was raised in a family where the dogs got a go at pots and pans and sometimes dishes before they went into the dishwasher. I can't see that it did any harm, and continue the family tradition. Who knows, it may do some good. Everyone in my family has very robust immune systems...colds...
  6. Growling and Quiet Woofing?

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a rescue Papillon who had a great home up until his owner died unexpectedly. He was trapped in the house with her for several days before he was found. I ended up with him about four years ago, and it was only recently that this problem began. He has always been pretty neurotic and I'm...
  7. What is wrong with my dog? Why is his red all over?

    Dog Health Questions
    Every once in a while (every 2 weeks or so) my dog's entire body looks very red, almost as if he has been bitten all over his body. To make things worse is he stratches himself constantly causing himself to bleed. The scabs then ich some more resulting in an endless cycle of stratching and...
  8. Dog licking feet- > Wound? PLEASE HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    Attached are 2 pictures my my pupppies paw. She was adopted 3 months ago. Today she has been licking her back paws. She went to the beach yesterday WHat is the problem? And what can I do now to help her? should i wrap somehting around her paws?? or let it have some air and breather??? ANd...
  9. Severe OCD

    Dog Health Questions
    My 4 year old Parsons Russell Terrier has severe obsessive behavior and I am looking for any advice/similar experiences people have. This is not just one or two small obsessions once in a while. She is completely absorbed by light/shadows every day. In the morning she freaks out when the...
  10. How to stop a dog from licking

    Dog Health Questions
    My older dog (7yrs) has started licking our middle dog's (2yrs) penis area. He won't stop. We get onto him and he still does it, the middle dog growls and he still does it. This has been going on for a few weeks and the skin is red and irritated. Is there something we can put on the lickee's...
  11. Does your dog lick your arm pits? Why? Ha ha ha!!

    General Dog Forum
    My John just turned 18 weeks old and started a new hobby of licking my arm pits since I start wearing this sleeveless shirt several days ago! I wonder why he seems to love to lick my arm pits as if he was was me eating ice cream! This is so weird! I haven't wore deodorant lately, so he is...
  12. Yeast overgrowth and butt licking?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I'm a new member, but I have been reading a lot of the forums. My white Shih-Tzu/Bischon has terrible tear stains. I had given him Angel Eyes, but he got worse. He also has reddish brown stains around his mouth and around his butt. (He does some serious butt licking.) I stopped the...
  13. How can you tell if he likes what you're doing or if he's trying to calm you?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello Doggie Lovers, I have a small Bichon whom I'm starting to grow really really attached to - I daydream about her at work, and I always miss her when I'm away from home. So lately she's been wearing a cone due to a scab that formed on her neck. Given tha she can't itch her face/head/neck...
  14. Odd for a border collie? (And dog park adventures)

    General Dog Forum
    I went up to the Dallas area for spring break to check out UNT and to visit my boyfriend. And of course to see his awesome Border Collie, Angus, the silliest ten year old I've ever met. For one, he's almost all white except for his ears which are a dark brown. It's like the rest of his fur...
  15. my dog will not stop licking my another dog's face!!

    General Dog Forum
    I recently adopted a new dog, she is two. My own dog who is one year old, loves her too much, and will not leave her alone!! He will not stop licking her face, to a point that the skin around her eye area is turning red. If he doesn't stop, she is going to get an eye infection soon or later...
  16. Unusually Friendly Puppy Behavior

    Dog Health Questions
    My boyfriend has a 10 month old yellow lab puppy. I've spent the past 7 months around the puppy, Noah, so it's not like I'm someone new to him. He's always been quite affectionate and a lap dog, but this past week he's been a little overly friendly I'd say. He has started sniffing certain...
  17. Can someone tell me why my Pomeranian keeps doing this?

    General Dog Forum
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQLq9OsN33M ^ He does it about once a day. My best guess would be he is cleaning himself. I don't know. It's always the same chair, and even the same leg... Any thoughts?
  18. Dog licking her tail

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello; I have a 4yr old mixed with long hair (especially her tail). She has developed this irritating habit of licking the base of her tail. Several months ago, we thought this had to do with the glands around her anus, and took her to the vet. The vet expressed the glands, and found that the...
  19. Vitamin E Cream

    Dog Health Questions
    My Mini Foxy cross Jack Russel cross Mutt has a strange new habit - he keeps licking my hands after I rub vitamin e cream into them. It's only been maybe the last few weeks... Anyone have any idea why he's started doing this? We're off to the vet in the next few days to get some more hay fever...