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  1. Long lasting ACL problem.

    Dog Health Questions
    Haven't really gotten into this on a forum but in Spring he slid playing flirtpole and hurt his leg,I thought it was healed a day later so didn't go to the vet. Stupid,I know. But sense he occasionally made random yelps when active I was unsure if it healed properly but believed it was doing...
  2. Growing Pains?

    Dog Health Questions
    My one year-old male German Shepherd/Husky/God-knows-what puppy has been having some stiffness in his back legs. I'm not sure if it's muscular or in his joints. He's had stiffness off and on for a few weeks, but it seems to be getting worse and now painful. Today, he was playing with another dog...
  3. Possible leg injury please please help!

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm an owner of a 10 yr old male Maltese. Today he jumped off of the porch and something went wrong. When he landed he let out an extremely painful yelp/cry. He is hesitant to put any pressure on it. I picked him up and tried to see what was wrong. He let me touch his leg and move it. I extended...
  4. Leg dislocation?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 2 year old Tibetan Terrier and noticed lately she sometimes walks on 3 legs holding her back left leg up. If i gently move it i feel it click back into place and then she's absolutely fine again. Has anybody experienced this with their dog. www.lovetibetanterriers.co.uk/blog
  5. Not using left hind leg

    Dog Health Questions
    It started out as a goofy thing. My husband noticed that when Kidogo went down the stairs he only used three legs. But now it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Tonight, as Gogo was eating I noticed he was standing with his left leg barely touching the ground. I held it and it didn't bother him...
  6. Young dog in Haiti with a twitch.

    Dog Health Questions
    We are living and working in Haiti after the earthquake last year. about a year ago we were given a puppy that has been healthy up until now. Six months ago we managed to find an American vet that was here supporting farmers to give her shots and give her the snip. A few weeks ago Sasha's...
  7. Sparatic Limping

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, My dog, Barney, started limping on his back left leg two days ago. However, he will do it while simply walking and within a minute or two, he is fine; he'll start walking, running, and playing as if nothing was wrong. On average, I would say he's been doing this about four or five...
  8. Puppy limping on hind leg

    Dog Health Questions
    I have about an 8 month old puppy, Pom-a-poo (Pomeranian & Poodle Crossbreed) over the past few days i have noticed he has been limping on his right hind leg. He recently saw the vet (about a month ago) to get his booster shots and rabies vaccine. I have been trying to figure out by analyzing...