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leash walking

  1. Leash/Walk training

    Attention All New Members
    I'm a new dog dad and I have a unique problem that I've never encountered before. My Bernese Mountain Dog is now 10 weeks old and he doesn't like to go on walks. I have a rope leash for him and he likes to bite a piece of it; I have no issue with that. He will go outside, and walk across the...
  2. Chain "Choke" Collar as a Temporary Measure?

    Dog Training Forum
    Naima's now almost 9 months old, and in general walks quite well on the leash (still working on distractions from other dogs, etc.). I've been using a harness on walks, both to avoid her getting injured if she lunges and because I've been afraid of her slipping out of her collar. Usually her...
  3. Dog afraid of sewers?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey everybody, I have an almost 5 month old Shiba Inu. We had some trouble getting him to walk on the leash at first, (ie he would not walk) but we got over that with a lot of persistence and treats. Anyways, lately in the last week, he's been doing this really weird thing when we go on walks...
  4. 5 month old Wheaten Terrier distraction issues!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! New to the dog forum and it's good to be here. Our 5 month old Wheaten pup has been improving a lot over the last 3 months -- he's nailed the basic tricks & even some advanced ones. He has stopped nipping and doesn't show any aggression. In fact, he's almost TOO social when it comes to...
  5. Adventures in dog walking..

    General Dog Forum
    Let me set the scene...Tigre and I are almost off the Bike Trail; heading home. A mystery man and his two dogs are just getting on the trail. We're walking towards each other. When Tigre saw them he started pulling pretty hard (he LOVES other dogs) so I told him to sit and wait. We've...
  6. bowl playing / gate ramming / nipping / leash

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    hello all, I made an account here several years ago when i was thinking of getting a puppy. now that college is done and im ready i finally got my dog!! she is a 10 week old portuguese water dog. she has been really pretty good so far and i have read a few training books but have found some...