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leash reactive

  1. Advice for barking and leash aggressive small dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted Ginger, a 5-6 year old, small mixed breed (poodle and some sort of terrier). I was told that before being in a foster home for a month, she was in a shelter who had picked her up as a stray. They believe she was a stray for about a year. Other than that I have no idea about...
  2. NEED HELP! 10mo reactive husky

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! Short version: Our 10 mo old husky jumps up and bites me on walks and I am at a loss. Long version (sorry it's so long!): My husband and I got our first dog together in January at 8-9 weeks old. He's a male husky and he's our baby who we love very very much and would never give up, but...
  3. LAT questions

    Dog Training Forum
    1. Some sites say LAT is you reward the dog for looking at you (including Feisty Fido), others say you reward the dog for looking at the dog and being calm. Which is it? I'm really confused. 2. What do you do until he gets it? We're getting a bad reputation in our neighborhood. I'm...
  4. barking at strangers even after give him treats after very bad experience; pls help!

    Dog Training Forum
    We had a horrible experience last week. A group of three winos surrounded him and were trying to be nice, but had no idea how to deal with dogs. I tried to make them go away ("that's enough now, he's getting upset"), but they wouldn't, and Enzo started barking at them. They walked away, and the...
  5. How to deal with a very reactive Shar-pei

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, My name is Andreea and I am the owner of a cutie Shar-pei named Lulu. She is extremely smart and very easy to train in the house, but impossible to handle outside. To get a bit of background on us, here is our story in short: I got her when she was 2 mo. old. She was extremely smart and...
  6. Reactive adolescent dog struggles meeting puppies

    Dog Training Forum
    6 weeks ago I began fostering (and just adopted (I'm a terrible foster parent)) a 1.5 year old 32# Corgi mix (probably Rhodesian, Boxer, Pit Bull, etc). He was not socialized/trained by his previous family and was rotting away in a shelter for 6 weeks. For his age and circumstances, he is...
  7. Was I appropriate?

    General Dog Forum
    So, Snowball and I were out for a walk this afternoon in the fresh snow that fell yesterday. Our normal route takes about 30 minutes, which takes us through ~30 ft of on-leash forested trail that runs along the soccer field that we normally walk though. (The 30 ft is from the soccer field...
  8. Meeting new dogs?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I seem to be posting a lot this week! Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to introduce Snowball, who is leash-reactive but not aggressive, to new dogs. He is VERY friendly and social and loves meeting/playing with other dogs (part of the problem, I know). He is also MUCH less...