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    Hello! I am Jason from GA, and have a Corgi/random terrier mix named Haeland that is a little over a year old and have had him since he was a puppy. I joined to see if anyone has a dog like this and possibly give some advice on helping him/ me. Haeland is a very lazy dog and doesn't seem...
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    This is the doggie we brought home from the pound. She is mostly a lazy dog and has not barked but that is common the first 2 weeks with rescues. They said Border Collie but I was told by someone else Nova Scotia Duck tolling dog which they claim is somewhat rare and easily mistaken. We love...
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    Over the past couple of years i have noticed my dog, rocco, has not been as up and about as usual. He used to be energetic and love going on long walks, a friend of mine reccomended some "Hi-potency Joint Maintenance" vitamins that she uses with her dog. With in a few weeks my dog was back to...