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  1. Jerk who mis-treats cats

    Other Pets
    This jerk maltreats the cats in a brutal way. A famous university -FuDan, China graduate, high degree - Master, where is his humankind and what he learned from school? The guy also joins a heresy. By misusing the trust of animal-salvation centre, he adopts several pure black cats, cuts their...
  2. Info help for crimes against dogs--cruelly shot and killed

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Good evening, My friend and her husband live in Louisiana and just found out today that their dogs have been shot, beaten with a pipe, and killed just 50yards or so behind their back yard. They (the 2 dogs) ran off on Wednesday and they were searching for them. The neighbors have since found...
  3. Sad that we even need to consider a law like this...

    General Dog Forum
    Important topic, heartbreaking story: http://www.wtvq.com/news/4636-frankfort-considers-anti-chain-law-for-animals (Interesting that this is the same county that misidentified the dog as a coyote.)
  4. Sos! New city law kills strays & pet quota!!

    Dog Rescue Forum
    As the title suggests, the city has proposed new laws that are to be enforced very soon! Its already beginning in fact. Strays are chased and beaten by police, strangeled with rope-sticks, and generally killed in all manners of INHUMANE methods! On top of that, the city has a new ordinance that...
  5. Harsher Penalties for Animal Cruelty!!

    General Dog Forum
    *Warning* The following can be quite distressing. -------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone. I'm trying to get signatures for a Petition of a Recent case about a Crime committed by 2 men who tortured and mutilated a 7 month old puppy called Peanut (Peanut was stolen...