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  1. Nervous of Bathing

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My dog is a Rottweiler/Bulldog/Bloodhound/Mastiff Mix, 1 year old, and still growing. He's terrified of baths, and while it's not a 'dangerous' situation, it does leave me more of a mess to clean up. I would usually try to promote it with encouragement, but Gonzo doesn't respond to treats - he...
  2. Any Suggestions?

    Attention All New Members
    I've owned dogs before, and absolutely love them. I am thinking about getting a new dog, I have gone to the shelter, but I'm interested in finding out what breed would be best for me. I am looking for a medium-large dog that is a strict one person dog. I want them to listen to others, granted...
  3. Spaying a Large to X Large dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I'm pretty confused as to when I should spay our Nala. She's a GSD X Mastiff mix so she's going to be pretty big. I've heard some contradictory things about it.. I've heard there are a lot of negative things in the long term with spaying, but does that out weigh the benefits? Also if it's...
  4. Large breeds vs. small breeds. Can they coexist?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My girlfriend and I are talking about what dog(s) we will get, down the road, after we start living together. She has only owned small breeds (ie Shitzu) and I have only owned large breeds (although I spend a good deal of time with her family's Shitzu). She has loved her small dogs and she does...
  5. New Breed to the USA

    Dog Pictures Forum
    obucket.com/albums/x477/Monster_Malak/mini65.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Just wanted to share my passion and love with anyone out there that loves Big Dogs. First to the USA, an Ancient breed of Guardian Dog from Turkey. Spent many years locating, and exporting (not easy from Turkey), this rare breed of...