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  1. when to spay a large breed dog

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all Our bernedoodle is now 8 months and we are considering the right time to spay her. We definitely want to do this - no desire for puppies in the family (one - her - is enough). She is already pretty big - about 65 pounds or so, and is in the process of filling out, so still growing but...
  2. Letting dogs roam together when you're not home

    Attention All New Members
    Im new here, not sure if I'm even doing this right, but oh well! I have a 3 year old male shih tzu (Jasper) and we just recently adopted a shelter puppy. She is a smooth collie mix (Fiona). She is only 3.5 months old so we do leave her crated when we aren't home for obvious reasons/until we...
  3. High protein kibble only suitable for cold weather?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi All. A petshop owner told me that kibble with high protein is only for dogs that live in countries that have cold winters (snow etc) She told me that when I said I want to switch my dog from Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy to Acana Pacifica. She said that giving a dog who lives in a country with...
  4. Acana Pacifica for large breed dog - Dogo Argentino

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone! I am in the process of switching my 17 month old Dogo Argentino to Acana Pacifica http://www.acana.com/products/regionals/pacifica/ Is this an appropriate food for large breeds(calcium/phosphorus)? Will I need to give my boy any supplements? Thanks
  5. Dogo Argentino exercising

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi All! I have a 9 month old Dogo Argentino puppy named Nacho. Up until a month ago his exercising consisted of 2 walks of 30-45 minutes walking per day, plus a 45 minute group obedience training class with a small play session at the end once a week, and obedience practicing every day for 5-10...
  6. ~Slight Emergency With Two New Great Danes Having Agression With Our Cats~

    Dog Training Forum
    So, to start off we recently adopted(about 4 days ago) two Great Danes(came as a pair) who are approximately 3 and 4 years old. One is male-Zeus, the other female-Mila. We already have two other dogs-one male and one female who we have had since they were puppies. We also have cats at home, all...
  7. Puppy is aggressive towards children- Please help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi All I am having some dominance/behaviour problems with my Dogo Argentino puppy. He is 6 months old and his name is Nacho. We are doing the basic training and he is responding well. He is very well mannered and has a calm disposition. He will allow me to brush his teeth, trim his nails, open...
  8. Caucasian Ovcharka in Suburbia - The Unfolding Story

    General Dog Forum
    A couple years ago I began doing some research on various dog breeds. I spent hours of time researching and reading on the internet to find a breed that I really thought would fit my personality as well as be a companion that I could work with for many years to come. During the course of my...
  9. About our products:

    Big Paws Inc
    All of our leather goods have been handcrafted out of various types of high quality leathers. We purposely stay away from any sort of composite leathers and other similar cheap materials used to make most of the collars found on today’s market. At Big-Paws.com we take pride in providing you...
  10. Making a Outdoor Dog into an Indoor Dog

    General Dog Forum
    **Corrected** I have a 1 year old (will be 2 in August) American Bulldog/Dalmatian mix who is an outdoor dog, and has never really been housebroken. She also is really hyper around people and has not really been socialized, the only real human interaction she receives is at feedings. (*I realize...