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  1. How often to brush a Husky/Labrador?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    One of my roommates has an 18 month old female Huskador and she sheds like crazy. He never brushes her or cleans up after her and myself and my other roommate are fed up because we are the ones that are sweeping up massive amounts of fur and occasionally brushing her. On average, how often...
  2. Head Tremors

    Dog Health Questions
    My 6 year old lab mix, Lucy, had a head tremor tonight. It lasted under 2 minutes and she was responsive, she looked at me when I called her name and she happily got up and walked to my brother in law when he knelt down to see if she was okay. The tremor only happened when she was laying down...
  3. Over Aggressive Dog

    Attention All New Members
    hi guys i have a 1 year old labra and i want to control his over aggressive nature. thoughts?
  4. I'm a new member

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've joined in memory or my late Jack Russell, Spottie. He was a real character: grumpy, bossy, but really very sweet. He lived with Dylan our yellow lab at first, but when Dylan died we later brought Jackson home to be part of the family. Anyway, I'm looking forward...
  5. Help !! I am being bullied

    Dog Training Forum
    I am a 13 y/o boy. Every day when I walk my dogs (2 GSD's 1 Lab and a Dobie) in the evening along with my friend (she has a great dane), the neighborhood bullies bully us and tease our dogs. My Dogs are all Obedience, Toilet and Agility Trained and have many 1st Prizes in Agility under their...
  6. Greetings!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all - I'm Becky from NJ. Daisy is my girl - she's a 5yr old lab / greyhound mix. Full of energy, spunk and lots of silliness. She's a rescue that we adopted 4 years ago and I'm so glad we did. She's helped us recover from a lot of pain & grief over losing our 6yr old yellow lab, Jack...
  7. Guess my dogs breed?

    Attention All New Members
    I adopted Zeus when he was 8 weeks, the person who gave him to me said the person she got him off of said he was Pitbull Lab. Dad was supposedly pit and lab and mom was straight pit. Me and the lady both agreed he looked more pitbull German Shepherd. I've heard Rhodesian Ridgeback as well. So...
  8. Do you think the dog on this sweater a lab? Or can pass as a lab?? kinda urgent :)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi: Found this *great* Woolrich sweater on Amazon, and my step-mother is a lab owner/lover. It struck me at first glance as a lab, but now not sure if more of a spaniel. What do you think? Would it be a good gift for a lab owner? Need to buy asap because they're selling out! :) BTW: I love...
  9. Brand new member:1st time Aussie Mom

    Attention All New Members
    Hello and good morning, Introducing myself here to get things started. I'm a new mom to a 17 week old Aussie Shepherd names Ryder. I have two other pups as well, a 10 1/2 yr male old English Lab: 100 lbs and a 6 1/2 yr old female Weimaraner 40 lbs. the only other Dog we've had was a boxer named...
  10. 10 Week Lab/Husky Puppy needs help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We recently adopted a 8 week old lab/husky puppy (now 10 weeks). Things got a little complicated right after since we found out the old owners lied to us about their 1st shots, and on top of that the poor thing had worms and vaginitis. She's doing a lot better after being in our care and she's a...
  11. Getting puppy to love her crate

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I brought home my beautiful red labrador 5 days ago. She's great, has had hardly any accidents indoors, learnt to sit almost instantly and is loving and gets on great with my housemates dog. However, crate training is not going so well. I only want to crate her when she needs to be left...
  12. Question about bathing Labrador Retrievers

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Though my Tessa is a mix, her coat is pretty much the short stuff of black Labs. I've read some folks say they never bathe their Labs, and others that they do it rarely. Tessa is mostly an outdoor dog, so I'm thinking a monthly to bi-monthly schedule may be required. Already after two weeks with...
  13. Having to collect puppy a week early, work commitments..

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So I have a bit of a stressful situation regarding my new labrador puppy! I was meant to be collecting her a week after the litter are ready to leave (8 weeks) as that is when my 2 weeks annual leave from work starts which was ideal as it meant I had time to settle her in and start the bonding...
  14. Female puppy living with a 7 month old male?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi. I am basically wanting some advice as I am living with my friend who has a 6 month old male cocker spaniel, and next month I will be bringing home a 2 month old labrador. I'm still undecided on whether to go for a female or male pup, so would like to know which would work better - female 2...
  15. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I'm Penny, a soon to be puppy owner! I'm looking at getting a black lab pup, male, in 7 weeks (I just went to see him - 12 days old!) It's my first puppy although we did have a female black lab when I was growing up. My main worry that I need sorting before I commit to the puppy is this -...
  16. Australian shepherds as agility dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Im not sure if its in the wrong section or not, but oh well I today asked my agility teacher what she thought of Australian Shepherds. She told me that they were too heavy, and would be much slower than my current dog (who is a working labrador), and that I would be disappointed, and they were...
  17. Aussie Agility

    General Dog Forum
    Sorry, double post, ignore
  18. Best medication against fleas and ticks?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have 2 labradors and every month I protect them against fleas and ticks applying the frontline treatment, and even it's effective I think it's a little expensive because it lasts only one month. I've heard about the new pill called "bravecto" or the neckless, have you proved those...
  19. Hi!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! My name's Chloe, and I'm from the UK! I own an English working labrador, who doesnt really fit being a labrador in anyway, since he's not goofy in the slightest, doesnt have the "labrador lumber" as I call it, isnt overweight, is not interested in other dogs in the slightest, is very...
  20. My labrador puppy

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I have a labrador retriever puppy. Very beautiful and smart.