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labrador retriever

  1. Hi everyone!

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    Here new member!... Bests
  2. Labrador Retriever limp

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm not sure why my original thread was locked. I have not heard from any moderators, so I am reposting. ******************* I have a three-year-old Labrador Retriever, Grace. She is a great dog - full of life, fun, sweet, etc. I also have her mother and brother. In the last couple of weeks...
  3. On / Off Lameness

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. My first question in this forum! I have a 6 month old black lab at home. Since we brought him home he has had on/off periods of lameness.... He always has a great appetite and never has a fever, which is why its not seen as too much of an emergency to the two vets I have taken him to so...
  4. Hello everybody, I am new here! I have three canines!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I joined just today, looking for a dog's forum, and I found dogforums.com! This is my pack, Max(YLR), Sandy(GSD), and Lucky(GR) Max is a Yellow Labrador Retriever, male, 5 years old, the last dog from the pack. Sandy is a German Shepherd Dog, female, 4 years old, the first dog from the...
  5. Good Breeders?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Does anyone know of a good Lab breeder that is within a 3 or 4-hour driving distance of Northern Pennsylvania? I apologize for such a small demographic, we do NOT want to have the pup shipped. I've checked online and all of the breeders I have contacted want $2000+ for a "companion" pup. It's...
  6. What's a good breed for my grandfather?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My grandfather is in his 80's. He's loved dogs all his life, took care of some decades ago when he lived in a village. He's pretty healthy right now, goes on walks regularly and doesn't have many health problems except for the occasional hip pain, but he really wants a dog again. I also think...
  7. Can anyone help what mixture of breeds is my Beky

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I got new puppy from shelter, she is 3-4 months old, and 28 pounds, they said she is golden retriever, but I don't know, and I'm sure she is not pure blood, she has a lot of goldy in her, but I see lab there too, second opinion would be appreciated. It's not that important, I'm just...
  8. Greetings from Croatia

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    Hy this forum kept me occupied for a long time so I decided to join you guys, as title says, i'm from croatia, I own two dogs, one mutt (too many mixtures to determine what breed it is), and latest member of our household some kind of mixture of golden retriever or lab retriever, I'm not sure...
  9. Hi I need how to tame my dog.

    General Dog Forum
    I have an amazing dog (actually his my sister dog) a White Labrador, 3 years old. We are really busy and we don't have the time and the patience to take the dog out few time in day. He is very strong, smart, not tamed and with too much energy. We have found a good solution for him we let him...
  10. Black Labrador - absolutely no appetite, 11yo, lethargic, excessive drooling

    Dog Health Questions
    Please offer any advice. Our dog is starving herself to death. We have an 11 year old female black lab and trying to find a way to get her to eat. Refuses to eat anything. Zero appetite. Must force feed her frozen BilJac 2x per day. Great looking dog, normal weight, but never a...
  11. What breed is my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    When we bought Lucy we were told she was a Labrador Retriever but I am not completely sure and a few people on this forum don't think she is either. Could you please tell me what breed you think she could be? Lucy is almost 7 months old, she is smaller than she should be for a Labrador...
  12. New puppy, new member

    Attention All New Members
    Hello Everyone! My name is Jena Marie, I am 24 years old. I am currently living in Tennessee. The new puppy, Lucy is about 10 weeks old. She is a Labrador Retriever and not even mine. My brother in law got her for my sister for Valentines Day and I ended up taking full responsibility (This...
  13. Help! How can I train my puppy in a more challenging environment and have success?

    Dog Training Forum
    My black lab, now 17 weeks has been a delight since we got her 3 weeks ago...she is undertaking crate training which is going great! She sleeps through the night and wakes up dry, her house training is excellent also. Her obedience training is going ok...she is very good in the house, but on...
  14. Dante's first studio shot!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    well, not the first, but the first studio session. Dante is my 1 year old pup that I rescued, shy little guy at first, but ive slowly introduced him to the camera, and built up to being comfortable around it and now he poses for photos
  15. My pup DANTE

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I'm a photographer and I love my pup. I spent about two months working with him so he can realize that the camera is not going to hurt him. He now loves to take pictures. and I take lots of pictures.. he is a 1 year old German Shepherd x Labrador Retriever mix
  16. Picky Eating Labrador

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, I am still a relatively new dog owner. My wife and I have had our lab for just over 3 months now and there is really only one question I have so far. Why won't my dog eat? She's 5 months old, weighs 35 lbs, and I'm currently feeding her Science Diet (Dry Puppy Large Breed)...
  17. Raising a adopted lab

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I adopted a 1 year 4 month old lab/retriever. He has been amazing so far and we have a serious bond. Around the house he is an awesome and does everything I ask. He will come when I tell him to and he will stay when I tell him to. He loves me so much that he follows me were ever I go in the...
  18. Cute cute cute dog full of regret

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Saw this and howled. How many of us have seen this exact same face on our dogs? http://kkdogs.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/the-face-of-regret/
  19. new dog!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    alright so i adopted a year old lab from a shelter and her fees included getting her fixed and microchipped and all her shots. today is her third day since her Spaying and she seems to be "spotting" [forgive me for the details..] almost as a woman does when she is coming off of her period.... is...