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  1. Designer Breeds: The Obession

    General Dog Forum
    Tumblr, twitter and facebook users are obsessed with designer breeds. However there is a lot of misinformation floating around about the most recent obsessions. Have you seen this image? This has started a huge obession with people wanting to buy a "Pomsky" despite the image neither being a...
  2. Megaesophagus pup

    General Dog Forum
    Teddy wishs to offend no one,but must find a home enjoy his pictures in the link below. My name is "Teddy Bear".I was born with a High Aortic Arch.I have had it corrected at MSU but it did cause a problem with me swallowing food.I am seeking a loving home with a family that is familar with my...
  3. New here. Fostering a labradoodle and need help.

    Attention All New Members
    A friend referred me here. I am a homeschooling mom of three kids from a sr. in high school to a 6th grader. Well, we have had our 18 month old foster labradoodle, Bear, for 2 weeks. They have not had space at the shelter for us to bring him back for his evaluations (aggression which he will...
  4. How Photograph you dog: lesson

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi I would to share my photography lesson with you. It's a very simple step by step lesson that can help you take professional looking pictures of your 4 legged friend (or 3 -legged in my case) In this tutorial I use DSLR camera but you can use any point shoot camera instead. For point and...
  5. First Dog

    General Dog Forum
    In 3 weeks Im getting my first dog, Brooklynn an 8 week old Labradoodle. What do I need to do before she gets here? I already got her a bed, toys, collar, a vet. Also what should I expect upon bringing her home? :)