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    I recently got a Labradoodle puppy. He is 9 weeks old as of yesterday, so still a baby! Following picking him up, I took a week off of work to help him to get adjusted to our home. I have made sure he gets along well with our golden retriever and teaching the basics of potty training. He does...
  2. Attention All New Members
    Hello Everyone, My wife and I picked up our new addition Yesterday morning, a 9 week old Labradoodle Puppy called Ava. This is our first time being puppy owners and I have a few questions. When we first saw her at the Breeder's home she was very responsive to us and loved to play and hated...
  3. Attention All New Members
    Hello, I have a 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sadie and a 2 year old Labradoodle, Duke. Looking to add to the family a Cavachon.