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laborador retriever

  1. Do you think the dog on this sweater a lab? Or can pass as a lab?? kinda urgent :)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi: Found this *great* Woolrich sweater on Amazon, and my step-mother is a lab owner/lover. It struck me at first glance as a lab, but now not sure if more of a spaniel. What do you think? Would it be a good gift for a lab owner? Need to buy asap because they're selling out! :) BTW: I love...
  2. My 3 month old puppy is not barking (in a regular way)...what to do?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello Everyone here.... I'm having my cute lab puppy,Mili. She is 3 months old and in good health condition with regular vet check and vaccination. My problem is that she is not barking in a regular sense. With all honesty, i only heard her barking when once she was playing with spoons. You can...
  3. For Lab and Golden Retriever owners. Prospective new owner looking for help deciding

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am thinking about buying either a Chocolate Lab or Golden retriever from the family of a friend. Probably going to be a Chocolate as they seem to be best physically suited for what I want. They have been breeding pure bread dogs of those kinds and a few others for quite a while. Their dogs...
  4. OMG, the hair!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello all! I have a question about my Black Lab/Pit mix. I've never had a Lab prior to the two mixes I have now (the other is a Lab/Weim -- both about 6 months old). Growing up we had rough collies (which as you probably know is a completely different kind of hair) and after that I had Shih...