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laborador retriever

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  1. General Dog Forum
    Hi: Found this *great* Woolrich sweater on Amazon, and my step-mother is a lab owner/lover. It struck me at first glance as a lab, but now not sure if more of a spaniel. What do you think? Would it be a good gift for a lab owner? Need to buy asap because they're selling out! :) BTW: I love...
  2. General Dog Forum
    Hello Everyone here.... I'm having my cute lab puppy,Mili. She is 3 months old and in good health condition with regular vet check and vaccination. My problem is that she is not barking in a regular sense. With all honesty, i only heard her barking when once she was playing with spoons. You can...
  3. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am thinking about buying either a Chocolate Lab or Golden retriever from the family of a friend. Probably going to be a Chocolate as they seem to be best physically suited for what I want. They have been breeding pure bread dogs of those kinds and a few others for quite a while. Their dogs...
  4. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello all! I have a question about my Black Lab/Pit mix. I've never had a Lab prior to the two mixes I have now (the other is a Lab/Weim -- both about 6 months old). Growing up we had rough collies (which as you probably know is a completely different kind of hair) and after that I had Shih...
1-4 of 5 Results