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  1. Pregnancy in dogs (not sure where to put this)

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey there. I recently required a 3yo chihuahua , from someone that was going to have her put down. (Story behind that - Original owner died , person who aquired them did not want them) At the time I was not aware she was part of a breeding pair , and was not told she could possibly be pregnant ...
  2. Help! Dog in labor over 3 hours, no pup

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm house-sitting a dog & she gave birth to 10 pups tonight but I think she has 1 stuck in her? She's a 65 pound husky mix. She has been contracting/pushing for about 3 hours on the same pup & I'm not sure what to do. I called the emergency vet but they require payment in full at time of...