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  1. Help! Our ears hurts from the barking! Ouch!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Dog Lovers! My boyfriend is frustrated with the barking from my little puppy. Those high pitch noises does hurt our ears. In the house, he is a quiet dog, for the most part, except when he gets around the kitty. He wants to play with her. His favorite game is taking the cat by the ears...
  2. Kitty issues, please help me keep my sanity!

    Other Pets
    So...... adopted this cat forever ago at 7-8 weeks. He has done well in all aspects. Until last week..... So, I'm in college, so I go back home for about a month over major breaks. Technically, its my boyfriends cat, so it stays at his house and I keep my dog. The dog and cat love each other...