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king charles spaniel

  1. Can these two breeds play together?

    General Dog Forum
    Is it safe for my 3-month-old Cavalier to play with a 2-month-old Old English Mastiff (after she gets her final shots)? I guess they will be 3.5 months and 2.5 months by then. After reading about Old English Mastiffs, and also talking to someone who has them, I thought it would be fine, but a...
  2. Spaniel Group???

    General Dog Forum
    Just curious if anyone would be interested in joining a group for Spaniel owners/lovers? I was looking through the groups and I found ones for specific breeds (Cockers, Brittanys, King Charles, etc.), or hunting dogs in general, but none specifically for Spaniels. If I were to create one, would...
  3. Hannah Takes a Bath

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hannah takes a bath after meeting up with her cavalier king charles spaniel friends in Manhattan.
  4. Hannah and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Friends

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Some recent photos of Hannah and her Cavalier Friends.