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  1. 3 Month old Puppy with kidney issues

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I adopted a puppy about 6 weeks ago - a Bernese Mountain Dog/German Shepherd cross. Everything was going great until literally she hit 3 months, just when I was going to start taking her to the park as her vaccinations had all been administered. I noticed a cough following a bit of vomiting...
  2. High Kidney Protein Levels in Young Dog -- Possibly Congenital?

    Dog Health Questions
    In Nov. we took my dog, Chloe, in for her annual checkup. What I thought would be a quick and easy appointment turned out to bring to light a lot of issues we never expected. The doctor initially found that Chloe's back, upper molar was broken and recommended a root canal or extraction. Later...
  3. Chronic Kidney Disease

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a rescue Pitt mix who was diagnosed with CKD about 2 years ago. Thank goodness for my awesome vet. She has him on fluids every 2-3 days, SubQ, 500 ml, fish oil, Benazipril, aspirin, omeprozole and a few other meds. He is doing quite well, with a few bad days every now and then. I...
  4. Juvenile Renal Disease 10 month old shihpoo

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm writing to you all in utter heartbreak. I met my sweet little shihpoo at 3 months and found out at 4 months that he was in kidney failure. We were already madly in love at the point so there is no way I was giving up. We changed his diet to K/D...
  5. Kidney issues and first Seizure ( last night) dog food question

    Dog Food Forum
    All the vets tell me to use Hills K/D for my 7 yr old dog that has some of his values higher than normal. What I read is that the old rec's said to lower the protein, now they say higer protein is ok as long as it is good quality protein- this is what I am learning, but please if you know more...