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kidney failure

  1. Wisdom Learned from Loss of Elderly Dog April 2020 - Kidney Failure

    General Dog Forum
    I want to share this for anyone struggling with the questions about when to say goodbye to their dog, and what to decide for a dog diagnosed with kidney failure (or anything terminal). Our 14 (almost 15) year old female pitbull passed away at home last weekend after being diagnosed with kidney...
  2. Seeking diet advice for 9-1/2 year old Aussie with kidney / liver failure

    Attention All New Members
    Hello fellow dog lovers. I found this site searching for advice about the best diet for my dog, Jack, who had sudden kidney / liver failure 8 days ago. He just returned from a miraculous recovery at the hospital yesterday. I would appreciate advice on the best diet for his condition...
  3. Heartbroken

    General Dog Forum
    Just joined this forum as I feel the need to talk about the final days of my beloved Shih tzu Harry. I am so overcome with grief and finding it very hard as I am alone with my other two dogs Willy and Lulu also Shih tzu's. It would hve been Harry's 4th birthday today but yesterday the vet came...
  4. Diet for dog with renal failure?

    Dog Health Questions
    I don't know if anyone will actually even read this... or respond... but I'm desperate. I'm new here and just joined this site because I need advice. I work with a Pit Bull rescue here in Oklahoma... One of the dogs there (Bark Vader) is one that I helped to get off the streets. He's the...