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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Sorry I'm new to this website, if I make any mistakes please correct me. I'm thinking about adopting this 8month old Jindo mix on a rescue website, however I was told she has hyperopia in her right eye. How serious is hyperopia and does it worsen within age? Should I still adopt this puppy...
  2. Dog Training Forum
    hi! recently adopted a 2 year old spitz mix... kind of looks like a jindo or akita mix but i am not sure. his name is bread and he is around 2 years old, about 35lbs (trying to get him to eat more!!) and he only has 1 eye. bread is mostly a good dog with a great demeanor, he is very mellow...
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, I have a Korean Jindo who is going to turn 5 years old this summer. We've had her since she was a puppy (4 - 5 weeks old) and we messed up in that we never had a chance to properly socialize her. As a result, there is definitely some noticeable anxiety that my dog shows when approached...
1-3 of 3 Results