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itchy skin

  1. Itchy, irritated skin and scabs behind tail?

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has had itchy and irritated skin for a bit now. It's to the point that she's chewed up the backs of her hind legs. She hasn't chewed it bald but it's significantly shorter. She's mostly itchy on her lower stomach, hind legs, and rib area although she occasionally chews behind her tail...
  2. Ask us your dog health questions! Answered by registered veterinary technician

    Royal Pet Club
    Tell us what health issues you have been having with your pet, and Cate, our degreed, registered veterinary technician on staff will answer your questions! Cate will be answering health questions for the next week, and for select DogForums users, we will provide some of our products at Royal Pet...
  3. Like the fresh smell of grapefruit? Save on this spa grooming bundle for your dog

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    At Royal Pet Club, we are offering to the dogforum community $27.45 off our most popular spring scented grooming bundle, Italian Pink Grapefruit! The bundle contains one shampoo and two conditioners which contain many organic ingredients and fragrance oils including grapefruit, olive oil...
  4. Top 3 Reasons We Should Groom Our Animals

    Royal Pet Club
    Why should we groom our pets, especially our dogs, apart from the aesthetics we enjoy? Well, we’re going to give you the top 3 reasons why grooming our animals is a good thing. 3) Grooming Keeps A Pet Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Okay, perhaps not wealthy, but grooming keeps a pet healthy. It...
  5. How to solve your pet's skin and fur issues

    Royal Pet Club
    Often times, dog grooming products can do more harm than good. Many contain harsh foaming agents and have an improper pH which can cause the skin to burn or become irritated. That is why it is important to use products like Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa, which contain natural ingredients and...