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itching scratching

  1. new member with a new puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hii so my name is Antoinette & I just got a puppy who is 6months old about 2weeks ago. Shes a pomeranian pug mix and very shy around other people, but she's more used to me now. We live in Nyc & I've recently taken her to the vet for her shots and heartworm meds. My question though is, the...
  2. Pictures to help identify

    Dog Health Questions
    The pictures are of my youngest sons dog. She is a wonderful black lab. over the past few months she began having trouble with her ears. I asked my son about it while we were visiting last week. They appear to be tender, and he has been using some antiseptic paste to clean them but it does not...
  3. Itchy Scratchy Pooch

    Dog Health Questions
    We are currently taking care of my husband's family's dog (Shelly) who gets an itchy fungal infection every year at this time. It only lasts for a few weeks, however she's getting worse. Normally his parents would treat with steroids but they are (1) expensive (2) have lots of side effects so...
  4. My young dogs fur and skin and well being is falling apart

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, Please excuse my Ignorance on pet care, but that is why I'm here I have read the adds for these tonics , supplements, but how do I know what is bogus and overpriced,and which ones really work, guess I need to explain my dogs ("Oreo") symptoms in detail I have never seen a dog this...