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itching hairless eyes

  1. Allergy relief?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! After we adopted our new dog, she began itching like crazy so we took her to the vet. The vet told us to try flea preventatives as that can solve a mite issue, and we put her on benadryl as well as a medicated oatmeal bath twice a week. It has helped a little, but after weeks of her...
  2. Rat terrier, scratching hair off eyes and muzzle

    Dog Health Questions
    1 yr old rat terrier. Started on comfortis after Flea problem in November.Kona had been scratching a lot bc of fleas. After Comfortis began working, he continued to Scratch. I then noticed he was scratching mostly around eyes and belly. Belly got raw and red, I cleared it up with cortisone...