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invisible fence

  1. Mobile invisible fence for dog that likes to wander too much during hikes?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, My brother and I hike quite a bit and he has a large mastiff family type mutt who is sweet as he can be but has a tendency to wander. On our most recent hike he wandered off and disappeared and pretty much scared us to death (was hunting season) and we literally were running around in the...
  2. New member and one quick question!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I'm Chris and I just bought a new home recently It's a perfect home except for one thing... the 6ft wooden fence in the back yard is not set into the ground but was built along the top. There are even some gaps between it and the ground in certain areas! I need to make my yard as safe as...
  3. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I have been reading up on Swissies for a few weeks now. We currently have a labrador retriever, and are looking for an addition! Can anyone tell me about their personalities? Habits? Anything else of interest? : ) They look gorgeous and seem to have a good disposition. Also, we...
  4. Can you train a dog on an invisible fence without a leash?

    Dog Training Forum
    I just got a got a boxer pup recently. She must want to live with the family across the street, because she crosses the street regularly. She cannot walk on a leash, and we don't have time to leash train her. We tried to just let her loose with just her collar. The poor thing ran right along the...
  5. I-Fence, Tie Out or None?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm not new to owning a dog, but this has been a long time issue of mine and I was never able to explore the other options with my previous dog. My family is looking to adopt soon and we currently dont have a fenced in yard for a few reasons. Firstly is price. The house we moved into was built...
  6. help for runaway.

    General Dog Forum
    hi, Im joann, I have a bordercolle,healer, german shephard X who is very smart,but lacks common sense.lol. here lately he has taken to getting me up out of bed at the wee hours of 3 or 4am and needing to go outside. well after several trips outside with in 2 hours i just let him stay outside...
  7. In-Ground Fence Training

    Dog Training Forum
    First, please don't yell at me for having a static correction fence... I know that there is a community out there that like them and an equal community that doesn't.... I just need help and opinions.... We recently purchased and installed the Pet-Safe Stubborn Dog (for the multiple settings)...
  8. Redbone coonhounds and invisible fences?

    Dog Training Forum
    I heard that coonhounds don't respond well to invisible fences, as in because they are hardy dogs they ignore the boundry especially if something interests them on the other side. Is this true? I'm looking at adopting a 4 month redbone coonhound from a local shelter and we don't want to...
  9. Invisible Fence Training Problems

    Dog Training Forum
    Our two dogs have been through a lot the last month, and I am sure that the invisible fence training isn't helping. Quick background: We purchased a new home and moved, and two weeks before the move we had to put down our basset hound due to medical issues. So, they have had more than their...