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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Every once in a while (every 2 weeks or so) my dog's entire body looks very red, almost as if he has been bitten all over his body. To make things worse is he stratches himself constantly causing himself to bleed. The scabs then ich some more resulting in an endless cycle of stratching and...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    We noticed an area of swelling underneath my dog's eye beginning two days ago. it has recently become pink and looks to be scabbing up slightly around the swelling, and a bit above the eye as well. It doesn't cause him great irritation, but it does seem to bother him a bit. When I first saw the...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    Hello all. First time here and it is such a valuable site. My 12 year old "baby" Pomeranian has recently developed quite a few (~6) small scabby sores on her body. I first noticed a raised scab on her shoulder, then managed to look at what it is and its a small open sore that is wet and...
1-3 of 4 Results