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  1. Mysterious stiffness/limp in Chessie's front leg

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I've been to three vets already, and none of them have any real answers, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has thoughts. My 9 year old Chesapeake bay retriever Maximo has had significant stiffness in his front right leg since 6/18/17 after an 8 mile hike. His xrays were perfect, and...
  2. What is this and what should I do?

    Dog Health Questions
    This morning I noticed that Max has a little sore on his front left paw, right between his toes. Sorry the pictures aren't very good, he wasn't too thrilled about us touching it. :P Does anyone have any idea what this is/what caused it? What should I do? Just leave it or is there something I...
  3. Dogs injured during collar snag. One dog fearful. Counter-Conditioning protocol?

    Dog Training Forum
    2 days ago, my dog Noggin and his best friend Luna were wrestling and doing their games, when Noggin's lower jaw got caught under Luna's collar (2 PetSafe break-away collars just arrived in the mail for them!) It was quite a tense situation, one dog was screaming in pain, th other gasping for...
  4. Possible leg injury please please help!

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm an owner of a 10 yr old male Maltese. Today he jumped off of the porch and something went wrong. When he landed he let out an extremely painful yelp/cry. He is hesitant to put any pressure on it. I picked him up and tried to see what was wrong. He let me touch his leg and move it. I extended...
  5. Puppy Ruptured Cruciate Ligament

    Dog Health Questions
    It turns out, what I thought had been an ongoing thing was a recent injury. Kidogo started limping on Wednesday night, so we brought him to the vet on Thursday and again on Friday for xrays and diagnosis. He has a partially ruptured cruciate ligament and because of that a meniscus injury...
  6. Not using left hind leg

    Dog Health Questions
    It started out as a goofy thing. My husband noticed that when Kidogo went down the stairs he only used three legs. But now it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Tonight, as Gogo was eating I noticed he was standing with his left leg barely touching the ground. I held it and it didn't bother him...
  7. Questions on my dog.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! I have a Puggle mix dog named Mater who will be 6 on October 13. I noticed last Saturday that he has a slight limp to his left leg. Our family didn't have much concern because he seems to do the unexplainable to himself all the time. Over the days it looked like it got worse, and...
  8. Pet injured at the groomers - Is there anything that I can do?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I recently took my pet for a cut and wash to a repeat groomer. After picking up my dog, all appeared well, but once in the car, my pet was bleeding all over my hands, clothes and himself. Not just a little blood, but a lot of blood. I immediately rushed back to the groomers for assistance and...
  9. Pomeranian Puppy with 2 Broken Legs

    Dog Health Questions
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  10. Breaking Up a Dog Fight

    General Dog Forum
    Let's say you were bitten while breaking up a dog fight in a public park. Would you report the bite? What if it required medical attention? My dog was attacked by a little white dog this weekend and I (carelessly, I admit) reached in to protect my dog and stop the attack and was bitten by...
  11. Golden Retriever Puppy Help!

    General Dog Forum
    My husband and I recently (6 days ago) got a Golden Retriever puppy and I have some concerns maybe you guys can help me with! :) This is Bo at 5 weeks :) He is now 7 weeks and 2 days, and while cuddeling him today I noticed something weird with his left paw, it looks crooked :eek: Now, am I...
  12. Unique training situation with a 10 week old Great Dane

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Ok, i'm a new dog owner living by myself with a Great Dane puppy. Here's the situation. Last week he was in an accident receiving an unfotunate broken front leg. Since it has been a week, he is becoming more used to the pain and thus, more energetic. I have to keep him in his kennel or my lap to...
  13. puppy lost use of hind legs

    Dog Health Questions
    my great dane puppy is four months and has loss function in her hind legs and is also losing control in her front legs. when we first got her, she seemed fine. she was the most active out of the three puppies. the other two are fine. we took her to the vet when we first started noticing the...
  14. Help please

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 17 year old Siberian husky. Just in the past 2 weeks he lifts his foot up and doesn't walk on it. He hobbles around. He doesn't yelp or get aggravated when i grab it or rub it. He is on a chain so he hasn't ran around and broke it. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  15. Curiouse dog injury question

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm 14 and i was curious. I know dogs have 4 claws on their paw, and 1 on their calf. For my dog, I'm pretty sure we got her nail there removed when she was a puppy. Anyway, it looks that in that spot there's an infection or a bug bite type thing. Anyway here's a picture...
  16. Horrified!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Groomer Injures Pup!! I am sharing this because I really want to know if anyone else has experienced this, know someone who experienced this, or can offer any information regarding this kind of scenario. I have NEVER in my life experienced this horrific event until now and I want to hear your...
  17. Pomeranian bubble wrap mystery!

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 2.5 year old male Pom who is active and healthy. He gets lots of exercise, goes on dog adventures twice a week and has a very well rounded life. A few days ago, I noticed a change in personality. He seemed lethargic, depressed and wouldn't meet me at the door when I got home. I...
  18. small dogs and length of walks

    Dog Health Questions
    Not really sure if this would be better in health or training. For you small breed owners, how long are your walks/runs usually? I have a 10 month old 15 lbs. mutt with a build similar to a JRT. I was taking him for about 2-3 miles everyday, but I had someone that seems fairly knowledgeable...