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  1. General Dog Forum
    I will live with my mother which is 52 years old and she doesn't want dogs inside(For now I live in my appartament). I will live in her house so I can't do whatever I want with the house, however I want to try to convince her. The dog loves to play outside so it will not be just indoor dog, I...
  2. Attention All New Members
    Greetings Admin and everyone We were having so much fun here looking at everyone's furry friends, we signed up to be a supporter of the site for another year. Thank you all Kathy
  3. Piddle Place
    Thank so everyone here at Dog Forums for helping us to make this happen. Best indoor pet potty Dogster magazine provided us with this review of the Piddle Place, and we think they found us here on Dogster, so thanks to you all and to Dogster for this great review from 6 dogs Wow, a...
  4. Piddle Place
    I was sharing this list of posh hotels from Destinations Magazine, and thinking about travel to stay with my friends and family Before we had our Indoor pet potty we used puppy pads, yuck! They were okay in my home, where no one could see, but then we started traveling. Do you ever put off...
  5. General Dog Forum
    Wow, someone sent me this link for the top 10 pet friendly hotels. My Jazz deserves this, but I will have to mortgage my home! I think we all need to grab our fur babies, and hit the road. I would be fun if we all put one of these destinations on our calendar, and meet there! 5000 pups in...
  6. Piddle Place
    Check out this talk show on how to help save a shelter dog, and allow your pet comfort and dignity with an indoor pet potty Best indoor pet potty Thanks to Humane Ohio for allow us to help find homes for these beautiful puppies Kathy
  7. General Dog Forum
    Please allow me to share a tradition with you in hopes you find happiness this holiday season with those you love from Piddle Place. For the last 30 years my family and friends gather at my home to celebrate the holidays. Prior to this tradition, it was more like the photo above. While at the...
  8. Piddle Place
    Greetings our dog forums family.. We have activated a discount code just for you. If you know someone getting a new puppy for the holidays, your pooch hates going outside in the freezing cold, or you are not always there to walk your dog. No more messy puppy pads or expensive dog walkers...
  9. Piddle Place
    We thank everyone here on Dog Forums and Pet Product News for sharing our story, and helping us to save shelter dogs. Piddle Place proudly supports many shelters, and we thank you all for allowing us to be part of this forum. Pet Product News article.
  10. Piddle Place
    We thank Pet Product News for awarding Piddle Place with the Best New Product! This is quite an honor. We want to remove the barriers to pet companionship, and potty breaks for dogs when their owners work long hours has previously been an issue. The Piddle Place in simple to use, simple to...
  11. Piddle Place
    Why do we always find a mess when we are walking in our homes barefoot. I knew I should have borrowed my husbands socks!:behindsofa:
  12. General Dog Forum
    **Corrected** I have a 1 year old (will be 2 in August) American Bulldog/Dalmatian mix who is an outdoor dog, and has never really been housebroken. She also is really hyper around people and has not really been socialized, the only real human interaction she receives is at feedings. (*I realize...
1-13 of 14 Results