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  1. Spay and Incontinence

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My six month old puppy is potty trained-- other than a random accident once in a blue moon, it rarely ever happens. She can hold it all night and up to six hours during the day if necessary. Well, she was spayed yesterday and today she has had 4 accidents in the house... Four! It is really...
  2. Need input on pom with poop problems, possible incontinence?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 4 1/2 year old female Pomeranian named Chessabell, She is a very good dog but as of late has been driving me crazy. She has been litter trained her whole life and has a special potty box she uses, but about 7 months ago my husband and I moved into a apartment and she was fine until...
  3. I need help with constant urination with 13yo lab!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I'm new here! Decided to join because I needed some opinions on my lab. I have a 13 yo spayed lab who had incontinence issues. The vet put her on proin and it worked for a bit but then stopped working. He upped her dosage and it was working fine but recently we moved and right before we...
  4. Absorbent padding for incontinent dog's bed

    General Dog Forum
    Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone has used any kind of absorbent foam for putting into their dogs bed that suffers a little incontinence? My 2 year old basset Boo has some accidents very infrequently on her bed (and other places like the sofa :S ). I replaced the wadding her bed with a double...
  5. Partially Paralyzed Golden Retriever Puppy Having Bathroom Problems

    Dog Health Questions
    Howdy, My wife and I have a four month old Golden named Joy who has been partially paralyzed from birth/near-birth. Her back legs hardly function, although she's learned to stand decently and hop around by stiffening. We've been very patient with house-training her, but it doesn't seem that she...
  6. How to teach an elderly dog it's OK to go inside????

    Dog Health Questions
    My problem is the exact opposite of most, I WANT my dog to know it's ok to go inside the house. I'm gone all day for work, there isn't anyone to let my aging dog out, neighbors are not an option, I can't afford off-site day care or the cost of having someone come by and let him out. Before I...
  7. Experiences with Proin?

    Dog Health Questions
    Just wondering what experiences people have had with Proin. I have had Teddi on it for over a month now. She did well on it at first, but with reduced dosing, goes right back to losing urine. Currently I am on every other day, which seems to keep her dry but I am seeing other problems that worry...