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  1. Dog Health Questions
    i had my dog neutered on Monday, it is now Saturday. he licked his site while we were sleeping and so i took him to the vet. they gave us antibiotics as a precaution and another cone. well last night he got around his cone and licked again. now it is opened but no blood or oozing. he is on the...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    My little girl was spayed a week ago. One spot on her incision looks a little red and is hard. I wanted some opinions on if it looks to be healing or could be a bad sign.....thanks to all in advance!!!!:wave:
  3. Dog Health Questions
    Paranoid puppy mom here... I have had my my 8mo old terrier mix for about a month now, and had her spayed on Tuesday (4 days ago)...So far I have followed all the "rules" - she keeps the cone on when I can not directly watch her, I have minimized her activity as much as I can (no running, only a...