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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Clover is 10.5 months old. When she got spayed a few months back, the vet called me in the middle of the surgery to say that she could not find a right ovary, even after extensive searching, so probably Clover was born with just one. Fast forward to today when I took her to the vet for what I...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Hi there! My puppy, Fifi, is seven months old now, and has just come into heat for the first time. She has been humping her stuffed bear quite a bit lately, and squats to pee after doing so. This has been more & more frequent lately; she humps for a bit then squats and then goes back to it...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    hi all , so i just returned home to my female dog bleeding only to realise she is in heat , she is very young and so my family have been lapsing on getting her spayed for the longest while ,but now that she is in heat i am very worried about the situation since i know she will be unable to be...
  4. Dog Training Forum
    im haveing trouble training my dog to go to the bathroom outside!! if anyone out there is willing to help me please contact me asap. im running out of ideas at an increaseing rate. please all im asking for is some help
  5. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! About a week ago my boyfriend and I adopted(our first) a young (believed to be about a year old) Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. She was found roaming the streets of Philly but never claimed. Someone worked with her because she walks well on the leash, is house broken, doesn't beg at meal time...
1-5 of 5 Results