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  1. New member with allergy questions

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there, I am new to the forum. We would love to get a dog, but I have allergic reactions to some but not all dogs. I seem to be most reactive to dog saliva, even in "hypoallergenic" dogs. For example, I met a coton de touler yesterday and got hives after he licked me. Does anyone have...
  2. Hypoallergenic chewing toys

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi all! My dog Seamus was adopted 3 months ago and went from the most neurotic hot mess to a wonderful, beautiful (still endearingly neurotic), sweet dog. He has a way to go, but he's so good, and I love him so much. He has some pretty bad skin issues, or did, and instead of doing elimination...
  3. The ridiculous claims of a BYB...

    General Dog Forum
    So I was browsing kijiji today and saw an add for a 3 month old Chihuahua/Chinese Crested Powederpuff that the seller claims has never barked ever and also has and never will shed. 1. A Chihuahua mix that doesn't bark (especially with a CC that aren't known for not barking) don't make me laugh...
  4. Are Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Made Up? Ha-He-Hachoo!

    General Dog Forum
    What do you guys think? I have a Cairn Terrier and I'm not 100% convinced. Some people tell me, it is just a claim people make. Others, they swear by the "hypoallergenic" title of their breed. :lie: I know Cairns, Labradoodles, and some select terriers are often called hypoallergenic, but I...
  5. New Member-Need help choosing breed!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone! My name is Ali, my husband and I are currently in the hunt for the right breed for us and I thought informed dog owners on this forum could be a big help! I grew up with miniature Schnauzers and my husband grew up with springer spaniels. We love both breeds, but I am allergic to...
  6. Looking For A Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, i have not had a dog yet, and am currently searching for a dog that will fit the requirements for my household. It needs to be dander free and not shed too much ( i would also prefer a dog that is big ). If someone could please tell me of a few dogs like this, that would be great! Thank You.
  7. Hello everyone, nice to be on board.

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself John and my Mini Goldendoodle Daly. He is a cross between a golden retreiver and a miniature poodle. He is a fantastic dog who absolutely loves the snow. I will get a picture up soon. cheers John