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husky mix

  1. Rescue Dog Adoption - New Member

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, We just adopted a dog from our local shelter, she is 2 years old and a Shepherd / Husky mix. Her name is Blue. This is the first dog for our family, my husband and I both had dogs as kids and there are lots of dogs in the extended family. We met with her and walked her at the...
  2. The Trials of a Log Dog

    General Dog Forum
    Finnley is a year and five months now (how time has flown since I first got him!) and everyone in my household is convinced that he is fat, and I am incredibly dubious of their assumptions. He goes for a good lope around the neighborhood in the morning (he's safe as there are no cars and all...
  3. Adult dog is bullying my new puppy! Please help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Okay so I got I another dog yesterday, I thought that my other dog needed a friend as he loves everyone at the dog parks. So my adult dog: He is a male. He is neutered. And he is a year and 4 months old. He is a husky border collie mix. He is probably about 60 pounds. He is absolutely the...
  4. Just got my 8-week old Pomsky

    Attention All New Members
    Hey all :wave: I was finally, after two months of waiting about to bring home my beautiful tri-colored Pomsky named Dany. I was planning on registering the day I got her (one week ago); however, as many of you know, a puppy can be a handful. Here's a picture of my pup the first day I brought...
  5. Anyone have any ideas what my dog may be?

    General Dog Forum
    I rescued him at 8 weeks from a shelter I volunteer at. He is now 5 months old and 48lbs. He was listed as a husky mix, I'm guessing because of the mask. But after lots of comparing he really resembles an anatolian shepherd mix or even akita mix im not sure. . He is an interesting mutt.
  6. dog breed question

    General Dog Forum
    Can anyone tell me what breed she is? I purchased her and was told she was a husky/timber wolf mut but i doubt it. To me she doesnt look like a white german shepherd either tho. hopefully someone here can shed some light. these pics of dakota at 6 months, she has double dew claws in the two hind...
  7. Lets play guess the breed!

    General Dog Forum
    Can you help me figure out this little girl's breed? (Pics) I adopted my sweet little zero about 3 months ago. I rescued her from a nasty little shelter in Ohio. She is about 6 months old now, and her breed is a mystery. The closest I can come is an Australian Kelpie. HELLLP...
  8. Cute surprised dog

    General Dog Forum
    I come home from college for the holidays, Teena had no idea. Talking to Teena through Skype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4XPBC0qo68
  9. Need help with Timberwolf Husky mix!

    Attention All New Members
    My dog is 22 weeks old, a Timberwolf Husky mix, is house broken, listens well but for some reason will not stop going to the bathroom in his crate. The crate is plenty large enough and he is only in there for a max 4 hours and that is an absolute max. He would normally be in the crate for 2-3...
  10. What breed(s) make up the other half of my husky mix puppy?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hello, my family recently adopted a 5 month old (6 months on the 20th!) husky mix whom we've lovingly named Ace. We were told by the rescue group (Fuzzy Love ResQ) that the mother is a pure husky, but they were unsure of the father. Whenever we bring him out, people usually ask if he is either...