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    Hi all, I joined this forum because I am interested in absorbing as much information as I can about dog training. And by dog training, I mean learning about all the proper methods that derive from all four quadrants of operant conditioning. I have a husky pup who is almost eight months old...
  2. Shaving for Different Breeds

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have been researching ways to keep a dog cool during hot summers, and I have learned that you shouldn't shave a dog for it actually does not help keep them cool, but in fact makes them more susceptible to hotspots, heat stroke, and to different texture in fur. Now, I get that for a husky, or...
  3. Your "Snow Dogs" & pics? (Huskies, malamutes etc...)(Mixes welcome)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Post 'em up! My husky, Misti...
  4. Huskies...

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Post 'em up! My baby... Misti. My fav ever picture of her: Apple juice (the carton was thoroughly washed, and we watched carefully as she enjoyed the act of tearing it to shreds): Chilling in the garden: Fast asleep:
  5. Moving to a New Home with Spud & Zasha

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I have two dogs, Spud and Zasha. Spud is a pit mix, 4 yrs old. Zasha is a husky, just turned 3. I just moved from New Orleans to Tallahassee with the pups. In New Orleans: I had a large apartment, and a small yard I could tie them up in. They were walked/run daily. They were not...