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  1. Dog Training Forum
    My 6 year old Lhasa Apso has recently been attacking my 9 year old Dachshund. Usually it's spontaneous, she'll walk into the room and just lunge at the dachshund. This has been going on for the past week or so and before that they were always friendly with each other and loved each other. Now...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Haven't really gotten into this on a forum but in Spring he slid playing flirtpole and hurt his leg,I thought it was healed a day later so didn't go to the vet. Stupid,I know. But sense he occasionally made random yelps when active I was unsure if it healed properly but believed it was doing...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    hi everyone, i have a 14 month old male japanese akita. he is the sweetest guy, loves people and animals. the akita was neutered 10 days ago, but ever since he was a puppy he has been SERIOUSLY insecure when we leave the house. it started off with just complete destruction of the entire house...
  4. Dog Health Questions
    Hello there, I have a dog, Lady, she is 11 years old. She is an Airedale Terrier and has many heart problems that we are keeping under control with medicine and a monthly visit to the vet. Today I woke up and went to let her out, she was fine except I noticed her tail was tucked and she was...
  5. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Lately my 3 month old puppy has been showing signs of aggression. I'm not talking rough playing like normal puppies do, I'm talking actual aggression. He growls at us and attacked me while we were on a walk. My legs and arms are covered in scabs and cuts all from that one attack, excluding what...
  6. Dog Health Questions
    Hi Everyone, I am a new dog owner. I rescued a 6 month old Min Pin mix a few weeks ago and I think she may have hurt her front paw(s). When we got her, we noticed she had a tendency to lift one of her paws often, always alternating and almost like she was trying to shake with either paw. Last...
  7. Dog Health Questions
    my dog woke up this morning with a bleeding bum. any ideas what its from? check out my profile for pics. its not his bum but a spot beside it ...:( he's been "quiet" since last night too,
1-7 of 9 Results