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  1. Should i get a german shepherd?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Should i get a german shepherd? I am really wanting to get a dog and i think a german shepherd would be ideal. The only problem is i work from 9am until 4pm (monday to friday) and then i am out monday, wednesday and thursday nights as well. From 4 30 until 10 ish. However on tuesdays, fridays...
  2. Please help - Can't house train Shih Tzu, running out of options

    Dog Training Forum
    We've had our Shih Tzu Olive since she was a baby for a little over one year now. Overall, she's an amazing dog and my wife and I both love her dearly. There's just one thing that is really getting under our skin. House training our dog has been a great ordeal. Since we got her, she pees and...
  3. dog with many problems - please, please help.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone, This is probably going to be a fairly long post detailing all the problems I'm unable to solve with my dog. It has gotten to the point where my family and I are thinking about giving him up; however, I really want to exhaust all my resources before doing so because I know he can be...