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  1. Tick preventive for a (too) small pup and hour?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! So a few years back my house got infested with ticks, when I didn't even own a dog, because my two neighbors had dogs and didn't even care to take care of their tick problem. I've been terrified of owning a dog since then. But with them suddenly becoming good dog owners, I was excited and...
  2. Transitioning from Overnight Crating

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am a first time dog owner, and our dog is about 6 months old. The people we bought her from had her, as a puppy, accustomed to sleeping in a crate. We have always done the same, she sleeps in a crate at night. This was fine when she was a puppy, as she slept a lot, but now she seems to have...
  3. 2 years old and still peeing in the house...

    Dog Training Forum
    I know this is long but please read it and help me! Ok, so my shihtzu/maltese dog, Oreo, is 2 years old. He still pees in the house, either in the kitchen or in the basement. It's easy to clean up in the kitchen because of the tiles, but in the basement there is carpet, and it's smells like...
  4. What state does everyone live in?

    Off Topic
    I live in Illinois. I have saw that there are a lot of Alaska people here. I just thought it'd be interesting to know.
  5. From apartment walks to house w/ yard

    Dog Training Forum
    We've had our 3 year old, Bichon-Poo girl, for 2.5 years. She is potty trained, very well. The whole 2.5 years we've had her, we lived in an apartment... So, we took her for walks to get her to potty. We JUST (this last weekend) moved into a house, with a private back yard and a dog door...
  6. Dog will only poop at dog park or hold it and poop in house

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, We got a 1 year old mix from the local humane society in November 2008. Hes a year and a half now and he has literally never pooped on the leash.......ever. He pees on the leash just fine, but no poop. We had to become members of the only local dog park just so that he would poop...