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house breaking adivice

  1. First Nights With A New Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'll be bringing home my Labrador Retriever puppy in about 4 weeks. And I want to be ready early. For the first few nights, would I have to take her out every 2 hours so she can do her business? But I've seen other websites and books that says to let her go right before bed, have her hold it...
  2. House-breaking and Crate-training a Rescue

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Sophie is a 2 year old chow/Rotty rescue who'd lived on the street and was picked up a few weeks ago. I've had her since Dec. 23 and I can really use some advice with house-breaking and crate-training. She pees outside in the morning, first thing, which is awesome. Then she has breakfast and...
  3. 2 dogs urinating in house

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone, I've been having a really hard time house breaking my two male dogs ( a 3 yr Papillon and a 2yr King Charlies Spaniel. both Neutered.) They used to be terrible, then I started crate training them. But it seems every 3 weeks or so, they act up. I'm at my wits end, now I am living...