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  1. Rescue hiding under bed, scared to go on walks, starts shaking when he sees people

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So about a year ago, my roommate and I adopted an 8-year-old Spaniel/Terrier mix. He had been rescued from a hoarding situation about 3 months prior to us adopting him. The shelter representative said he would probably never be like a "normal" dog. Anyway, he's been with us for about a year now...
  2. Dog under deck and not coming out any time soon ... help!

    General Dog Forum
    My husband and I have recently acquired a rescue dog, who we knew was very timid when we got him. We have had several rescue dogs previously. This boy was a stray and he has bonded closely with his foster carer who, although she loves him to bits, is not in a position to keep him because she...
  3. how to help my scared and hiding under the bed rescue

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello I adopted Baxter 3 months ago, he was abused and neglected. He ended up in a kill shelter in Virginia and then was brought to New Jersey where I found him on petfinder. He has always been timid and shy, scared even, but then warmed up and happily jumped on the bed to give me kisses or...
  4. My pug is hiding!

    General Dog Forum
    My pug is hiding! He won't come out from under the chairs, his eyes also have got some pus and he hasn't eaten his food. I've brought him out from under chairs but he returns, tried to coax him to eat, or drink. Allowed him access outside but he's not interested. I know to separate the...
  5. Puppy acting scared at bedtime

    General Dog Forum
    Our 10 month old lab mix recently started hiding under the endtable by our couch when it is time for bed. She sleeps in our room with us and has since she was a puppy. She will be cuddling with us on the couch and when we get up to take her out before bed she runs under the endtable and won't...
  6. Extreme Misbehavior

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and i recently got a Rat Terrier puppy, she was about 5 months old when we got her, and is now about 9 months old. We dont know her exact age because we got her from a couple who had found her abandoned on their property. When we got her, she had a severe excitement peeing problem...