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  1. New - with Heeler (ACD)

    Dog Training Forum
    This 22 month old neutered Blue Heeler (Queensland Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog) is a rescue from a military family. So far he's terrific - in the house. He's playful, crate-trained, obedient, and a great pleasure. On a walk, however, he exhibits certain behaviors that need management. He seems...
  2. Mal & Pepper - Guess their breed!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi guys! I have two sweet pups who's pictures I'd like to share. They are both mixes of some kind but I'm not sure exactly what. I was told Malcolm is a Blue Heeler mixed with a collie (can definitely see the heeler) and Pepper was said to be a Lab/Beagle mix, but I think she may be mixed with...
  3. We did it again!

    Attention All New Members
    :wave:Hi from sunny socal! We recently rescued a pretty female pup last week and we're so excited to have her in our family! She's about 5-6 months old, huge ears, white thick speckled fur with a medium frame. We think she may be a Cattle Dog/Heeler mix...I'll post a picture soon! She's such...
  4. I'm new so I wanted to introduce myself and my pup

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! My name's Chong and I live in Hawaii. Last year in May I bought(more like rescued) my pup. His name is Jack Daniels Tennessee, after the whiskey :D and he is a German Shephard/Australian Heeler mix. The day we went to go see him as a baby he was absolutely horrible looking. He was 7...
  5. So disappointed :(

    General Dog Forum
    We had our third obedience class tonight. Last week I was so proud of Murray, he just did so well. Tonight on the other hand he was like a wild beast! We practiced this afternoon and he was wonderful so I'm discouraged. As soon as we got there he was just wound up like a top. He was barking and...
  6. Foot wrapped up in lead for many hours-now swollen

    Dog Health Questions
    My stepmom has a red heeler mix that is 11 years old. She was hit by car about a year and a half ago and has a few fused vertebrae near her tail. She has trouble walking sometimes and today one of her legs got tied on her lead and she was stuck under the house for unknown hours. Now her paw is...
  7. Urgent advice needed on older blue heeler

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all! I am needing some advice on my 13 year old cattle dog "Chase". She is not doing so well, she has many issues such as a fused spin (not sure how many are fused) the vertabrae grew spurs and eventually fused itself. I saw the spurs on x-ray years ago, she was having problems walking and...
  8. need new home training advise

    General Dog Forum
    I'm new on here, other than my introduction this is my first post and i already have a dilemma. :confused: I recently moved and converted my farm dog blue heeler to a house dog. we go to the farm every chance i get so he gets plenty of exercise although what hes having problems with is going...
  9. New from Arizona

    Attention All New Members
    I am the proud new "mama" of my puppy Alice. She is my first dog so im going to be so worried about her!!! my "baby" is a mixed breed. she is a husky/heeler/shar pei mix. anyways how is everyone?