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  1. Just looked at my future lab puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, so im the new one here. :) I just went to the breeder I'm getting my Labrador Retriever puppy at. And I found lovely puppies. So I chose the one I wanted, the dark green collar one ;). But im just wondering if its normal for her to sleep a lot. She wasn't too energetic when I first...
  2. Nervous of Bathing

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My dog is a Rottweiler/Bulldog/Bloodhound/Mastiff Mix, 1 year old, and still growing. He's terrified of baths, and while it's not a 'dangerous' situation, it does leave me more of a mess to clean up. I would usually try to promote it with encouragement, but Gonzo doesn't respond to treats - he...
  3. Natural Healthy Treats

    General Dog Forum
    This is my first time posting so please be nice :) How many of you give your dogs Natural Healthy treats? I have been giving my dogs healthy treats for about a year now. They love them! If anyone is looking for a great place to get some, My dogs can not get enough of Bark 'n Bones...
  4. What kind of treats are consistent with raw diet?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone, I recently switched Butters to a raw food diet, using Nature's Variety Instinct Raw, right now she's trying chicken and duck and loving it!! Anyway, I don't know much about the raw diet and I was wondering for those that are super health-conscious for their doggies, what they feed...
  5. Home-Cooked Food! Yum!

    Dog Food Forum
    :wave: I am thinking about using home cooked food for my dogs. One is a Pomeranian and the other is a GSD. 1. Should I do it? 2. If so, what do I cook for them? 3. Should I ask my vet about this? :attention: I need help on this! (If u don't know what a GSD is, it's a German Sheperd. Sorry for...
  6. Loofah Toys

    Dog Health Questions
    Are loofah toys healthy? I was considering purchasing a doggy loofah baseball for my chihuahua/doxie. "Great dental hygiene in a fun package for dogs! Toss, chew, tug, or retrieve, the all natural material of the Loofah Ball adds interest while cleaning teeth and gums to keep any pet healthy...