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  1. Homemade, Nutritious Dog Food better?

    General Dog Forum
    I recently got a 100% pure mutt puppy! and decided that homemade food is better/healthier/cheaper than factory feed. It takes a little time, but it seems that NOW we all have the time. Seeking opinions/critiques/recommendations on the puppy/dog food I made at home:
  2. Introducing NEW Proper Toppers Dog Food - Superfoods that boost taste & nutrition

    The Honest Kitchen
    We are super excited that our NEW Proper Toppers are here! They are irresistible light and crispy superfood clusters. They’re uber delicious, while providing a boost of whole food, superfood nutrition. Proper Toppers are made with just FIVE whole food ingredients and can be used as a topper...
  3. StarWars Rebel Dog in desperate need of food advice/help :0

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all, So my gorgeous (Apologize for the bias in advance) one-year old medium goldendoodle Leia is in desperate need. She is about 32 pounds and needs to be 25-28. I am at an absolute loss as to what to really feed her. After combing through this fantastic forum, I have decided to settle...
  4. Commercial Dog Food Compared to Raw or Organic Dog Food

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello,:wave: I give my dog Freckles, a female Jack Russell, a commercial dog food and I have not had a single problem with her eating it. I use Purina and sometimes switch to Blue and different name brand commercial dog foods. She likes Freshpet or I should say that I like it because it makes...
  5. Food for French Bulldog

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a ten-month-old french bulldog who has up until now been eating, apparently, garbage food (science diet). She has been experiencing itchiness and hair loss around her eyes so I've taken her to the vet who have tested her for mites on separate occasions (negative every time) and charged me...
  6. General dog diet: The synergy dog owners have not understood

    Dog Food Forum
    Food, Nutrition and diet are very closely related terms such that one can easily wave off the three as being one. In human beings and most other animals, there’s a great deal of overlaps and less impact on health and medical conditions of the subject. When it comes to dogs, and other pets that...