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  1. Unusual Vomiting and Peeing in the house

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10 (or so- he's a rescue) year old dog has never vomited in the two months we've owned him, until today. He threw up in our kitchen. It was mostly a clear/brownish liquid with chunks of something in it. I didn't look too closely as I didn't think it was anything to worry about. I just cleaned...
  2. Help! Chihuahua puppy won't eat..

    Dog Health Questions
    I just rescued a 4 month chihuahua at a shelter. The first night she wasn't so bad, and was socializing. But now she won't eat, throws up after drinking water, and is very lethargic. I went to the vet and she gave me medication for her, along with a steroid and benadryl for her so it could...
  3. Dog Spayed- Depressed and Not Eating or Drinking- 4 Days Post

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, So my puppy was spayed 4 days ago (10 mths old). Since then she has only taken one sip of water (day 2) and has eaten less than a handful of rice, which was today. She is very depressed and quivering. I am very concerned about her hydration because she will not drink anything. I thought...
  4. Some type of worms?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I have a 5 year old beagle/rat terrier mix named Daisy Mae, she's about 25 pounds. For about three weeks now she has been passing some type of worm in her poop. It started out sporadic, I saw it in her poop one day and wouldn't see if for days after that. For the last four days she's...
  5. Sick Puppy..Need help Desperately

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everybody... My name is Chris..I have a Dog 15 months old...2 weeks ago we noticed that it has developed diarrhea and fever..we thought it may be some indigestion or some sorts..so we have treated it with paracetamol..and waited for its recovery..since this incident occurred it stopped...
  6. Has anyone's dog had a stroke? Does anyone know the symptoms?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our 7 year old schnauzer has very suddenly become a different dog...over the last 2 weeks he's gotten increasingly detatched-seeming. He no longer plays or seems to have energy. He isn't as affectionate and his usual normal routines and behaviors have changed. He seems lethargic or depressed...
  7. Why is she eating so little?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi there. I fetched my eight week old Berner Sennen x Appenzeller x Golden Retriever pup a few days ago. According to her weight class she should be eating about 80g three times a day, which is what I usually did with my Rottweiler puppies. I'm currently feeding her Orijen Junior food, which is...
  8. My puppy has been gagging... help!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I am new to this forum and I was hoping I could get some advice. Please excuse any forum faux-pas... Anyway, here is my story. I just got my new puppy, Cleo, yesterday. She is very young (we are estimating little over a month) but already a big girl, a German Shepherd mix. She is not a...