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health problem

  1. Hi my dog needs your help. Health Issue

    Attention All New Members
    On Wednesday morning I noticed blood on carpet. I examined her and didn't know where it was coming from. I saw bruising on her stomach. I took her outside and she peed blood and then all of a sudden blood in her gums. I rushed to the ER and her platelet is 14,000 (dangerously low), Red/White...
  2. sick dog...Need help Desperately

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello everybody... My name is Chris..I have a Dog 15 months old...2 weeks ago we noticed that it has developed diarrhea and fever..we thought it may be some indigestion or some sorts..so we have treated it with paracetamol..and waited for its recovery..since this incident occurred it stopped...
  3. Has anyone's dog had a stroke? Does anyone know the symptoms?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our 7 year old schnauzer has very suddenly become a different dog...over the last 2 weeks he's gotten increasingly detatched-seeming. He no longer plays or seems to have energy. He isn't as affectionate and his usual normal routines and behaviors have changed. He seems lethargic or depressed...
  4. Dental Health Issue - Inflammation and Minor Bleeding in Gums

    Dog Health Questions
    My 8 year old Golden Retriever is experiencing what looks like a swollen and inflamed detachment of his gum in one particular spot. I don't know if its gingivitis, or something worse. Just noticed it yesterday but the swelling has seemed to have gone down since then and there is no more...
  5. Warning about Evamist.

    Dog Health Questions
    The FDA is reviewing reports of adverse events in children and pets who were inadvertently exposed to Evamist. Per the FDA website, adverse events reported in unintentionally exposed children include; premature puberty, nipple swelling, and breast development in girls breast enlargement in...