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  1. what sould i ask a vet i'm looking into to become my vet ?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have just moved and my old vet was the only one in town so it was well this is the vet or hope your dog dont have any problems I want to know what I should look for in a good vet what would you ask to suss out if the vet is the best vet for you and your dog also I live in Syd NSW...
  2. New Owner, Puppy with hurt paw??

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi Everyone, I am a new dog owner. I rescued a 6 month old Min Pin mix a few weeks ago and I think she may have hurt her front paw(s). When we got her, we noticed she had a tendency to lift one of her paws often, always alternating and almost like she was trying to shake with either paw. Last...