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  1. Chain "Choke" Collar as a Temporary Measure?

    Dog Training Forum
    Naima's now almost 9 months old, and in general walks quite well on the leash (still working on distractions from other dogs, etc.). I've been using a harness on walks, both to avoid her getting injured if she lunges and because I've been afraid of her slipping out of her collar. Usually her...
  2. Best GoPro mount for dogs

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I am looking to find the best GoPro mount/harness for dogs. DIY? I have heard mixed reviews about the kurgo one, anyone have experience with it?
  3. Multi-Purpose Dog Harness

    General Dog Forum
    I have 2 chihuahuas that love to come with me on trips in the car and on walks everyday. I need a harness that is comfortable, step-in style (or a style that goes on easily and doesn't have to go over the head), durable, escape proof, not bulky, and can work as my everything harness. I also have...
  4. Harness Problems

    General Dog Forum
    Ok- This is probably the quest for the impossible- but I am wondering if anyone has found a harness that works well for a dog that pulls? We are def. still trying to train her out of this, but sometimes if the treat isn't of high enough value or if the cat/squirrel is just too tempting Tandy...
  5. To Master the Walk....a Journey of Epic Porportions.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So, I might just be wanting this to happen to soon. But I have an 11 week old British lab puppy that I have had for 5 days now. So long as I'm consistant he doesn't leave a mess in the house. He does not whine at night and sleeps in his crate. And I can tell him to sit and he will sit with...
  6. Small Dog Harnesses!

    General Dog Forum
    So, I've been wanting to get my two small dogs some harnesses that don't press on their necks/tracheas. I LOVE the buddy belts but their prices are just way too steep for me at $70ish per harness (for my dogs' sizes, anyway). Suggestions for no-choke harnesses at a decent price? What's your...
  7. encouraging leash PULLING behavior!

    Dog Training Forum
    I suppose this is a appropriate for training, but this has something to do with exercise as well (a big interest of mine). Exercise, I think, is tremendously helpful in making life with a dog livable. Unfortunately, we are sluggish, unfit sloths by comparison to even the most average, plain...
  8. An they say driving while talking on a phone is Dangerous

    General Dog Forum
    I am so Angary I was driving home tonight and we stop at the lights and in the small ford hatch back there is a Doberman mix standing up in the back seat area at frist i thought it was on lead tied somewhere in the car but then I noticed it's not on lead it's not in anyway secure :frusty::doh...
  9. Yappy New Year from Animal Suspension Technology

    Dog Pictures Forum
    The dog is artificial, but the New Year is Real! Best wishes from all of us at AST!!
  10. Thoughts on Harnesses

    General Dog Forum
    A rambling bit follows. Read, or skip to the last paragraph to just voice your opinion on chest harnesses instead of collars. I'm curious about other people's results. Dante is a beagle/yellow lab mutt. Or beagle/chihuahua, if you ask to the confused-sounding animal control lady who was...
  11. How do I get my pup to like his harness?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So after countless times of socializing our pup and taking him out to meet people and other dogs we have switched over to a harness for him because he would always pull so much with the leash attached to his collar that he would choke himself and make these gasping sounds like he needs air...
  12. Walk your dog with love harness

    Dog Training Forum
    Has anyone used the Walk your dog with love harness?
  13. Puppy doesn't like harness/collar

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 13-week old Pomeranian puppy. It's not that he doesn't mind wearing the collar or harness, he just doesn't like the process of them being put on or taken off. When I try to put it on him, sometimes he'll start to pull his head away and then he snarls his lips and snaps. I know that...
  14. Puppy won't BUDGE. Really weird!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I recently adopted an 8 week old chihuahua terrier mix. She is very bright and has already learned to pee on command in the 5 days I've had her! She is also extremely social and outgoing, and loves people, dogs, and even cats! However, she has a really weird fear of a...